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Weekly Results for the WWE on Fridays



OK. I have decided to make a little review of what is happening in the WWE every week for everybody that has missed it and for those big wrestling fans. If there are any interferences in the matches there will be ** next to the match. I hope this is usefull.

Friday, March 24, 2006


1) Battle Royal, winner enters the money in the bank ladder match at wrestlemania 22

Wrestlers in match:
MNM, Bobby Lashley, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Orlando Jordan, Funaki, Kid Kash, Scotty 2 Hotty, Jamie Noble, Slyvan, Simon Dean, Gymini, Mexicools, Paul Burchill, Tatanka, Road Warrior.

Winner:Bobby Lashley

2) Rey Mysterio vs Finlay**Randy Orton comes in and RKO's Rey Mysterio

Winner:Finlay, by pin

3) Chris Benoit vs William Regal

Winner:Chris Benoit, by submission

4) Main event: Mark Henry vs Kurt Angle**Randy Orton comes in and Rey Mysterio.

Winner:mark Henry, by pin.
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