Week 2 Discussion


4 legs good 2 legs bad
This weekend might be the weakest lineup of games I've ever seen. I guess I picked a good weekend for my trip. The only bad part is I won't be able to see the Ohio State/Ohio game. I'll have to record it.

The only game that interests me much is Miami at Florida. Miami is really talented, but they're really young and it wouldn't surprise me if they get blown out. I hope they win though. I can't stand the Crocs.

I might be going to the UNLV/Utah game on Saturday night in Salt Lake City.
Aside from the OSU game, there isn't much that I care about. I might pay a bit of attention to the Oklahoma/Cincinnati game because I am partial to Cincy and upsets are always fun. Other than those I will just be watching to see if the other ranked Big Ten teams can win their games.