Week 1 Discussion


4 legs good 2 legs bad
College football is finally back this week after an almost 8 month off-season. Anybody else as excited as I am? Which games are you looking forward to?

I'll be watching these games...

Youngstown St at #2 Ohio St - Saturday, 12:00 PM ET - Big Ten Network
This game should be a blowout, but I watch every OSU game if I can.

#3 USC at Virginia - Saturday, 3:30 PM ET - ABC
I don't really expect this game to be very good past the first half, but I'm curious to see how USC looks, particularly on offense where they have some question marks.

#24 Alabama vs #9 Clemson - Saturday, 8:00 PM ET - ABC
Clemson has high expectations every year, and every year it seems like they disappoint. Clemson should win if their high-powered offense gets rolling. Hopefully this game is on TV here.

#20 Illinois vs #6 Missouri - Saturday, 8:30 PM ET - ESPN
This could be the game of the week. I think it'll be high scoring like it was last year. I see Missouri winning a close game with Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin hooking up for several big plays.

Actually, now that I think about it I probably won't even get to watch the USC/Virginia or Alabama/Clemson games. ABC's regional coverage will probably give me Utah at Michigan and Michigan St at Cal instead, which could be interesting games as well. Either way, I'm pumped.


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I'll be at the Mizzou/Illinois game. Cannot wait! Those two teams usually bring out the best in each other

Go Tigers
Besides the Ohio State game, I'm going to try to pay attention to the Appalachian Sate/LSU game just in hopes that App State can pull out another huge upset this year.

I'll also be somewhat interested in the Florida/Hawaii game because of my hatred for Florida and for my hopes that Hawaii is still somewhat decent without Colt.

I will also try to catch some of the Michigan/Utah game to see how Michigan is looking.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Not too many surprises yesterday. All the championship contenders looked strong against weak opponents.

Echoes said:
Clemson has high expectations every year, and every year it seems like they disappoint.
And they did it again. Looked absolutely terrible against Alabama. Shocker. :rolleyes:

Upset of the day was probably East Carolina over Virginia Tech. Sean Glennon is just a bad quarterback.

Michigan looked pretty bad on offense and defense against Utah. The Utes tore them up in the first half. It's going to be a long year for the Wolverines. I'm predicting a 6-6 season for them.

Missouri's offense was unstoppable, but they need to improve on defense if they're going to compete with Oklahoma for the Big XII championship, not to mention a national championship.
Yeah. Michigan got beat down pretty badly. They almost managed a comeback toward the end but couldn't finish it.

The Missouri/Illinois game was pretty good. Illinois seemed to be pretty outmached for the most part but they still kept it somewhat close.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
The Tennessee/UCLA game tonight was a great game. Back and forth in the 4th quarter. Tennessee hit a field goal as time expired to send the game into overtime. UCLA made a field goal in overtime, Tennessee missed a short one to lose the game.