Wednesday July 12th 2006, Watapon

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Well at least things are looking up a bit from yesterdays card. When looking at this card you have to consider two things. Those two things would be what format you are playing on.

If you are playing on traditional then things get good for you. A very good combo that you could use for this card is very simple and is actually reasonable. The first thing that you would need to do is draw a card and then enter your standby phase. Once you have entered your standby phase you'll be able to get back your Treeborn and then you will enter your first main phase. In this mainphase you will activate Pot Of Greed. By doing so you will draw two cards, one of which will be Watapon. Once you have drawn the Watapon you will specail summon it to the field. This gives you two monsters to your side of the field. Having two new monsters is a very important thing to have in this combo seeing how you will tribute both of them for Dark Magician Of Chaos. In doing that you will get back Pot Of Greed and draw two more cards. As you can see the combo is a very good combo, but like all combos it has it's flaws. In this case you need to have Watapon in your deck, Treeborn Frog in your graveyard, Darm Magician Of Chaos in your hand, and Pot Of Greed in your hand and then deck. You may find that to be tricky seeing how all the cards are restricted on the traditional format excluding Watapon.

On the other hand how ever we have a similiar way to do the combo but differenet. In this case you would have to be on advanced format. In this case you would enter your draw phase and then go into your standby phase. Doing so you will enter your standby phase and get back your Treeborn Frog. Once this task has been completed you will use Graceful Charity to draw 3 new cards from your deck. In the process you will automaticly specail summon Watapon to the field and then continue the effect of Graceful Charity. Once Graceful Charity has finished it's effect you will now have two monsters that are fit for tributing. Yes you guessed correctly. You will sac them for Dark Magician Of Chaos and bring back Graceful Charity.

Both combos relie on the same cards and can both be done on traditional format. I just thoght I separate them since the second can also be done one Advanced and not the other way around as demonstrated with the first example.

Traditional: 2-5
Advanced: 2-5


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A great breakdown of an underrated card Lavoid. There isn't much I can add to this that hasn't been said. This card in multiple could go well in a swarm style deck with big tribute monsters. A deck with 2 Watapon, 1 Treeborn Frog, and a Blockman or two would add plenty of tribute fodder.

Advanced: 1.5 out of 5
Traditional: 2 out of 5
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