Wedding for goat accused rapists in Mozambique


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THE owner of a goat allegedly raped is demanding the two accused make traditional wedding arrangements. State media also said the two young men accused of having sex with a goat in central Mozambique faced criminal charges.
The young men, whose names and ages were not released, were caught in the act by police and arrested outside the rural town of Mbucuta in central Mozambique, the website of the state broadcaster said.
"One of the young men was naked and holding the goat's head, and the other was having sex with the animal," witness Mario Creva told Radio Mozambique.
District prosecutor Leonides Mapasse said the two would face trial for simple larceny.
The goat's owner may also file a civil suit against them, he said.
The owner was demanding the young men pay him damages and initiate a traditional wedding ceremony by paying "lobolo," a dowry, a family member told Radio Mozambique.
Wedding for goat accused rapists in Mozambique |

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