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Websites- Forums and General Basketball News - Where do you get yours



I am a dyed in the wool purple person. I love the raptors. Ok so I have a soft spot for pain. In this survival pool for BBALL I was in I used the monicker SUffering Raptor Fan. I follow a lot and read a lot and will offer up some of the places I visit. Here are a few

Real GM- good analysis and good tools - the forums are strong and large but there tends to be a flame war back and forth too often. The positive is that its not all Rap Fans as other team fans cruise the boards and will post on the Raptor section and respond. The trade checker is a godsend for us armchair GM's too check if the scenarios we come up with are even legal

Hoopshype- Best links for the dailies - The loinks are up early and they have really good tools for research

Draft Express - One of my main hangouts for future prospect information

Insidehoops - Like a Hoopshype but not as updated. Better CBA info and salary pages to do work on

Raptorbog- Good forums nice guy who runs the place that seems like he is using it as a platform to get himself firmly entrenched in sports journalism. Most of the posters are nice enoug but it seems a little clique oriented in a good way. The posters know each other from years of online discussions.

SI - One of my favorites in general but you need the insifer edition that you get from a susscrition. Ask your doctor or someone who gets it what to use

Many more that I can add here - Where do you go for your hoops fix?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If you want the best basketball board go to www.basketballboards.net it's the best basketball forums on the net, people on that forum knows a lot and a lot about basketball. They'll tell you in detail about every player in the upcoming draft, and there's a section for every team, so that means there's one for the Raptors so you would like it. Trust me there's nothing better then that forum.