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Website popularisation - visitors needed


New Member

I'd like to read your own experiences about how to make your new site popular and well known. How to let many visitors to know about your site?

I already use these services, but its not enough:

-AdWords (not much to spend for it)
-WebMaster Tools
-posting the site to classified ads

In fact i live in Europe, but have some idea about websites in English, and i'm not sure how to do this in the U.S. I've done many sites.
If you're me, how would you do it? Where to post, who to tell...

Many thanks in advance:



In need of Entertainment
I had a website that I became very popular, but I can't remember how exactly it happened. I submitted the site to all free search engines and sent the link of the website to my friends and aquaintances and it just went on from there.
And advertising helps too, have the website address attached to your email signature and just mention it whenever you can.

I hope that helps.


Registered Member
Getting other similar sites to link you is is a great way to get hits. Most sites have a "similar sites" or "useful sites" link section, just email them and do a link swap. Most people are happy to do it.