web developers...HELP!!


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I have been recently asked to develop a website for a drs office and i don't have any idea what to charge...

the site will be about 20 pages with extensive home grown graphics...I am also involving a third party photographer and all....
I will be asked to maintain the site for as long i am willing.

I was told to name a price..

help... please

(i would like some input- highs, lows, etc)


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Well, part of it will depend on how complex the site will be. How will you be making it?

You could probably go from $200-$500 depending on how you will do it. Will it be a CMS or will it be static html pages?


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If you're doing it in Front Page then I'd definitely say the low end of what I quoted. Maybe as low as $100. Front Page really isn't a good tool for making professional site for the long run.

You could probably get away with $200 just because there are so many pages to make. But even that would be cake if you were using something like Wordpress or Drupal.
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