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Web Comics


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Anyone follow any popular web comiics?

I like Ctrl+Alt+Del and Cyanide & Happiness, and I've read both of them. Cyanide & Happiness has over a thousand comics, and they're made on an almost daily basis.


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I use to follow a bunch of them but now I only have one that I keep up with and that is real life comics.

it is almost daily too. lol they are in london right now so it has not been updated for a couple of days. sometimes they get guest strips though.


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Hi ya all.

I have been following Digital comics for a while now. I like Get Fuzzy and killer kittens and Foamy as well a my DC and Marvel web comics.

As of last month Marvel and DC Comics launched their weekly Did Comic series, so to be followed by Image and Dark horse.

If you have a MSN My page then you can get the latest digital comics from DC, Marvel.and Dark horse right on your page as well as updates and other comic info.

They said that the digital comics would never take off. But it's now the 3rd biggest form of comic print.

BTW the Silver Surfer was the First Digital Comic.


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The good thing about Cyanide & Happiness is that there is a new comic every day. That would probably be due to the fact that they're stick figures...


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DEATH is Pink and Fluffy
Dominic Deegan (despite being featured on "Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad)
Dresden Codak
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That's My Sonic!
Khaos Komix
Last Blood
Least I Could Do
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NSFW Comix (for the immature child in you)
Order of the Stick
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The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
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Penny Arcade (I attended their convention, the Penny Arcade Expo in the Seattle metro area. With E3 gone, it's the largest gaming convention left in North America)
Cyanide and Happiness
I read Ctrl+Alt+Del on occasion, but I'm not that fond of it.