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What is the weather like with you? Is it usual or unusual for this time of year?

This entire summer has been a wet one, we have probably had no more than 7 days without rain. The harvests can not be collected and the food rots where it grows. More food price hikes on the way.

Today I went to the shops about 2 miles away, on my return I found the road flooded, so I turned around and drove a different route, only to find that road flooded too. Only one option left I drove the entire way around the valley to enter the village from a different direction and this road was also flooded, this time the fire-brigade said the water was not to deep and I managed to drive through and I got home. What should of been a 2 mile, 3 minute journey took me almost an hour.

I am used to the rain and live in a very very wet country but this is getting silly, it is supposed to be the drier time of year but I cant recall more than 2 consecutive days without rain. I cant wait for the rainy season to start:rolleyes:

I have just checked the forecast for tomorrow and once again this is what awaits me. Talk about feeling blue:(
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Here in Ontario, Canada we've had a wet Summer as well, it was very frustrating. But during the last three weeks, we've had great warm weather. Just for example we are now in September and it's 30 degrees outside, which is very unusual, but I cant complain, I'll take it.


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In New England we have have a fairly cool Summer. It was almost 90 today though. It was a fluke. The horrible ball sweet was just in time for my first day of school!


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I think it's pretty warm for this time of year, however I don't remember it ever being this windy last year, it's super windy every day, makes it hard to play soccer when the ball goes half the distance that it would have without wind.


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Right now we have 3 hurricanes in a row coming for us. The first one tomorrow, the next one most likely next Friday and Josephine? Who knows. But there is something else developing out there in between Ike and Josephine so that might be the next one.

Other than that is freaking hot and humid as usual.


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It was a really weird summer.

It began with constant rain, but not really cool, just hot and humid. It cleared off and stayed hot and humid, and then in the beginning of August there was a week where it went up to 105+ or so for a few days. >_<

After that it's been really weird. Probably only a week after the heat wave, there was a day where it was cloudy, cool, windy, misty and in the low 70s. That is so not August weather for us at all. It made me really happy, but it only lasted like a day. It was back in the upper 80s and 90s in no time with a return of the awful sunny, hot, and humid weather.

Now, thanks to the remainders of Hurricane Gustav it's really cool. Yesterday it stayed in the 60s all day, and today it got into the upper 70s.

It's been an extremely long summer, which kills me. I hate summer and I hate warm/hot weather. It has had it's fair share of time here, it's time for fall now!

Fortunately I think it might be coming. There aren't any days above 85 forecasted in the next 10 days. :-o And that's only one day, the rest are like 80 degrees or in the mid 70s.

Fall doesn't usually come until mid October... I really hope this means it's actually coming early and not ridiculously late for once. That would make me happy. :nod:


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```god luck everyone ,if meet solid get help from god,,
it amazing everyday here,snow in never snowing place,hot in snowing place,earthquake,,snow in june(the hotest season)....pig have a monkey baby..