Wearing Your Team's Colors At Away Games


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Do you wear your team's colors when you go to their away games?

Would you feel comfortable going alone with your team's jerseys and colors on (or if you went with others but were walking alone after the game for some reason. let's say your team won.)?

I would, I would be sure not to get too excited if they won though. I wouldn't go alone to a game though but I definitely would wear my team's jerseys at an away game.


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It's a big risk at certain places like if your a Red Sox fan and your going to a game in New York with a jersey of Big Papi. But I've done it many times in the past, went to see the Montreal Canadiens take on the Ottawa Senators in Ottawa, wore my Habs jersey, but it didn't really matter since 60% of the fans there were Canadiens fans anyway.

It all depends on where you go.


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I've been to Ohio State road games at Illinois and Northwestern and wore my jerseys, but OSU fans travel well and they're always in big numbers wherever they play. I think I would be a little nervous doing it at big rivals like Penn State or Michigan, but I wouldn't let hostile crowds stop me. If the worst thing that happens is some verbal abuse or a beer thrown at me then it's all worth it.


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While I am not a Lakers hater, I was pretty annoyed when I went to a Denver Nuggets playoff game 2 years ago and had to sit near some Lakers fans wearing full Lakers gear. It was annoying. While I wasn't about to do anything to them I can see how some people would have been more upset and probably started a fight. In that case it wouldn't have been smart of these people to be jerks. They were shouting out anti Nuggets comments at some of the players and also were very sore winners. (The Lakers won unfortunately).


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There's nothing better then going to Wrigley Field in Chicago with your St Louis Cardinal red on and then kicking the crap outta them on their own turf. Nothing better.

So yes, I've done it plenty of times.


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I always wear my teams colours to any games.

We travel in numbers and at big games the away fans are escorted by police to the stadium and their section.

I wouldn't go alone anyway, especially unescorted.


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Like BR said if it's a hostile place and your a fan of the team's rival then I might think twice about it, but in general I wouldn't have a problem wearing my teams colors in a different stadium. I actually went to a Raptors game once in Toronto when they played the Nets and when Vince Carter was the most hated guy in Canada...I wore my VC jersey and people bashed the crap out of me. But it didn't bother me one bit and I had a blast at the game.


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I've worn the Blue Jackets colors into the HP Pavilion before. The cool thing about that was all us Blue Jacket Fans were scattered around the Arena... so every time they scored the Arena would go dead quiet and then you'd see us jumping up and screaming our heads off :hah:


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I'd do it. I've always wanted to catch a Wings/Blackhawks game in Chicago and I'd sure wear my Hull jersey.


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If it's the WC/Euro games, I would. But like for NBA, there's a time I supported Utah Jazz but I didn't wear anything that looks like it when I saw their game in Sacramento. I barely screamed with joy at the bar for risk of being kicked out or murdered by the home fans.