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Wearing the belt


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was wondering if it's just me who feels this way but, title belts and people not wearing them around their waists is a big pet peeve of mine. Unless you are huge like the Big Show, or have more than one title belt, they go around your waist, not in your hand and not over your shoulder. After a match is fair enough but before a match and any other time the champion appears, the belt should be around his/her waist. Otherwise, whats the point in it being a belt? Give them a trophy instead if they dont want to wear it properly.

I might be reading too much into it, but a title belt being anywhere other than around the champions waist (bar those exceptions I said earlier) to me means he/she doesnt really care that they are champion which isnt really the message you want to be sending out.

One thing Bret Hart always did before giving the WWE Title to the referee at the start of the match, was hold it firmly with two hands, Bret kissed the title showing just how much he loves and needs the title. You could believe that that's his one true love in life.


Haters gonna hate.
I honestly don't care, as long as they carry the title in some form. Waist, shoulder, headband... whatever. It really doesn't matter.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It does matter, wearing it has a headband is beyond stupid in my opinion.

When someone has a title, I want to see how much they covet it. Ric Flair had this great pose whenever he was with the belt in a suit. While it wasn't around his waist, he had it neatly folded up and held it with his one arm. Here Flair was all dressed up, showing what sort of money you made as champion and the focus of the pose was directed entirely to the NWA World Title.

When you're coming down to the ring, have the belt strapped around your waist and only take it off once ready for the bell to be rung. It's also a great touch to have the belt strapped back around your waist once you win the match.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
BR, you sound like me during the Attitude Era. When Austin/Rock were champ so often, it felt like they hardly ever wore the belt and it drove me crazy.

However, these days it doesn't bother me that much at all...first off, because there's variety. There's been a good mix of people that will wear it around their waists or carry it over their shoulder. I feel like Miz/Cena are good examples, I've seen both out of them. Second, just because it's pro wrestling and variety in pose, etc. is a part of the game. If everyone handled the belt the exact same way, whether around their shoulder or waist, it would get boring.

As far as Flair having focus on the belt, I can't really think of anyone that doesn't focus on the belt when they have it.

The same goes with Bret kissing it and handing it to the ref...a ton of champions, and I've seen this at the upper and mid card, will show some sort of respect and care for the belt before handing it to the ref. I don't think there's as much focus on it these days because announcers are busy talking about what's coming up later that night, but it happens. Just look at how Christian looked at the belt when he had it, as BR said about Hart "you could tell it was his one true love in life." I remember seeing the same with guys like Daniel Bryan as U.S. champ, just a respect for the title...I don't think that seeing guys stare intensely at the championship or even kissing it is as rare as you think it is, today.


aka ginger warlock
I doesn't annoy me so much but I can see where you are coming from. I think it varies from wrestler to wrestler, for some having it over their shoulder suited them, for others wearing it around the waist worked but for some it really did not. Some who wear it around their waists just look stupid.

As for when they get in the ring I would also agree, for some it is like "oh I have got it now. Now what?", the best reaction I have ever seen was when Chris Benoit got the belt, you could you really tell it meant something to him and whatever people say about him or what happened in his personal life I still love that match at WM20.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Oh man I used to be so obsessed with guys actually wearing the belt and it drove me nuts when they didn't. Now days I don't care as much since there's a nice variety of those who do but man it was a huge pet peeve for me back in the day.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
See I remember back in the day when Stone Cold and even Ultimate Warrior used to throw the belt around. To me, that's disrespectful. You should treat the belt like it's your child, and not just some 2$ toy from Wal-Mart.

I just believe they have to show a little respect to the belt since it should be an honor for them to be holding it at one point.


I am the woolrus
When you think of Stone Cold throwing the belt around though, it's not disrespectful, cus it was really a necessary part of his hellraising character. It was part of what made him the rattlesnake. So under certain circumstances, i think it can be better if someone doesn't wear it around their waist, for effect. Another one would be The Big Show wearing it over his shoulder because he's too big. Or when Jerishow had the 4 Tag Title Belts, wearing them joined together around their necks.

However, when you have every single person in the company not wearing it around their belt, it takes away the effect that variations like that can have. I think it should only be around the shoulder for effect, because unless there's a reason for it, it looks stupid not being around the waist of the person. Well, not so much that it looks stupid, but more that that wearing a belt like that around your waist usually looks pretty awesome by comparison :p


Registered Member
I much prefer the holding of the belt. It's just something I've always liked to see. They can wear it around their waists if they want, be I've been a fan of them carrying it in one hand by their side.


In Interviews I like to see it propped up on their shoulder but when walking to the ring It should be around their waist.