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Wearing Of The Pink


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Females and males can answer, but I was curious as to how some men feel about wearing the color pink? Most of my lady friends, and myself included, don't see anything wrong with a gent wearing pink. A light pink colored dress shirt looks mighty fine on some men! And I have seen some gents wearing light pink shirts, and they seem just fine with it.
But, I have heard some guys talk about how "no freaking way" will they ever wear pink :lol: So, what's your take on this?


Babeasaurus Sex
Hahahha my dad used to have a pink shirt (blatantly pink as well) and everytime we'd say something about it he'd be like "it's SALMON!" haha


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For myself, I have no problem wearing a pink shirt. I prefer it to be mildly pink as opposed to in your face pink, but that is just my personal preference. Wife wife has said she thinks I look great in pink shirts so that is good enough for me.

I really do not think there are male colors and female colors. My sons favorite color for a while was pink and I had no issue with that at all. He has moved on to green and black now, but still likes pink and I think that is great.


I don't think there's any problem with males wearing the pink color. I've seen quite a few males who wear it and I think they look pretty good.
Just like Raos said, there's no need to be female and male colors.


Sultan of Swat
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I wear pink dress shirts from time to time, and I have no issue with it. I think guys who say men shouldn't wear pink shirts need to get off their high horse.

I personally prefer light pink over dark pink. I've been told by a few lady friends that it looks good on me, and just like Raos said about his wife giving him compliments "that's good enough for me".


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I have worn pink shirts etc, but Pink is not a colour I care for so much on myself. Other than underwear I do not think I own anything pink anymore. I see no problem for a man to wear pink though.


I have no problem wearing pink either. I've worn pink dress shirts, I've owned a few pink t-shirts, I even had a jacket that had a good amount of pink on it. They all looked good on me, so it was a non-issue. Haha.
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I have nothing against guys wearing pink. I hate the colour myself, so if I was buying a shirt or something as a gift, I wouldn't pick out a pink one.


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I've got no problem wearing pink. My sophomore year of high school, I wore black and pink to our homecoming dance. A bunch of people I know wear pink too, even if they seem to be doing it just to see what people say.


Living in Ikoria
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I don't mind it at all, even though I don't have any pink shirts...I prefer the lighter tones because of my paleness, but I'm good with anything.

I like what Elly said, color is color. It shouldn't really be about masculine or feminine when you're an adult.