Wearing Belts


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Do you wear belts?

I only wear belts when I can be bothered going all through that trouble putting it through my waist. I don't wear them because I need 'extra support' or anything, I just wear it because I like my current belt.

I usually wear a belt to school because I still haven't put a button on my school pants cause I can't be bothered, so I wear a belt.


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I usually wear belts because most of the pants I buy don't fit me and will fall off if I don't wear one. The reason behind that is because a lot of stores that I buy my clothes at don't have the size for me, so I have to buy a bigger pair.


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Yeah I wear belts every day, all day - unless the trousers I'm wearing that day don't have any belt holes, like jogging pants or smart black trousers for like formal things (some don't have any belt holes). Sometimes I need them and sometimes I dont, I just prefer wearing them.
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I wear belts all the time, for work I hang a hammer loop off of it, knife and other little bits and pieces for ease of having them to hand.

I change buckles every couple of weeks as I get bored with them I have around ten different ones at the moment and will picking a new Jack Daniels one at the weekend.


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Because of the fact my body is annoying as hell when buying clothes for it, I have to wear trousers that are long enough in the legs but slightly too wide in the waist. Unless I can actually find a good ratio of leg length : waist size, I usually have to wear a belt.

That being said, I'm rather fond of my father's old belt. It's made up of the chain from a motorcycle's chain drive attached to a Honda Motorcycles belt buckle.


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Yep, I wear just a standard black dress belt. I think its Mossimo (Target) Brand, really nothing all that special at all. Just a black fake leather one with a dull silver buckle.

I wear it 'cause I like to tuck my polo shirts in, and I think they look stupid tucked in w/o a Belt.


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Nope. I've never been a fan of belts. I don't understand why people like them so much.
There's a girl at work who wears belts so high up she may as well scrap the bra and just use the belt for support.


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I hardlt ever wear belts. I only do when my pants are too big, but i dont have any pants that are too big at the moment.