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Wearing a watch


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Do you wear a watch? If so, what kind of watch do you wear?

I used to wear a watch when I didn't have a phone but with the latest technology, I don't wear a watch because it's easier on the phone and I hate the feeling of something heavy on my wrist when I walk around apart from wristbands.
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I'm the same as you Aleks. I used to wear a watch a long time ago but now I just always check my phone. My phone is always in my pocket or my bag so I use that instead to check the time.


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The only time I ever owned a watch the phase of me wearing it lasted about a week and then I got annoyed with it and never wore it again.

So no, I don't. Like the others have mentioned there's always the cell phone for the time; I don't need the watch and it just annoys me to have it on my wrist.


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Nope I don't wear a watch and I never have. It used to annoy my parents when I was younger 'cause I'd constantly be asking them the time when we were out (I like to always always know what the time is, which is ironic I guess).
They used to buy me one on most of my birthdays and put a lot of thought into which might tempt me to use it. I still have them somewhere, there's a blue one and a Wallace and Gromit one which were cute but still... naaaah. Don't like them for some reason (I mean on me, on other people it's fine obviously. helpful even).
Now I don't need to bug people for the time since, like you said, I can just look at my phone.


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The date and time's everywhere so I never wear a watch. I can check the cell or even my camera and I have those on me everywhere I go. I do like clocks though. I have one that's shaped like a car that revs it's engine and blasts it's horn every morning. I got that when I was a lot younger but I still like it. :D


No. I don't wear a watch. I don't feel comfortable with it and it's not part of my favorite body accessories. I own many but wear none.


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Like others here, I prefer not to wear something that weighs on my wrist. If I want the time, I just consult my mobile or my 3DS.


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Due to having my ipod or blackberry with me at all times I have very little need for a watch. I used to be obsessed with watches but these days I just don't see the point.


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I don't wear a watch, main reason I just don't like how they feel on my arm. The way technology is now, the time of day is everywhere.