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Wearing a seatbelt


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
We’ve had this discussion before, but not in a real long time. Do you believe wearing a seatbelt should be mandatory, or it should be the passenger’ choice?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I always wear a seat belt, even before it was the law, so I'm okay with it being mandatory and I would be okay with it if it wasn't. Well as long as people that don't wear one are responsible for most of their own injuries since we know people that do wear them aren't hurt as bad.


Registered Member
Should definitely be mandatory, they save lives and sure depending on the wreck (if it happens) the seat belt can hurt you, but possibly going through the windshield could hurt way more


Registered Member
Common sense would think that everyone today would be wearing their seatbelt so I find it kinda sad that we wonder if it should be mandatory. I always wear my seatbelt even though my ride is extremely short. You never know what can happen.


Registered Member
I am with Edge, if you need to be told to put on a seat belt i am not sure you should be allowed in a car, let alone driving it. I know that some may make the argument that having to remove the belt may take precious time to remove someone from a vehicle but I really don't see this as an argument.

The strange thing is though with saying that is that when I get into a cab I do not belt up and when I get on a bus the option is not even there to use.


Problematic Shitlord

If you get launched out of the car, you're a meat missile and you're no longer endangering only yourself. Click or ticket, suckbag.