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Wear Your Seatbelt!


Food Whore
I think its actually a law all over the US now. Or atleast in the New York Metropolitan area.

I'm always sure to put mine on, and make my friends put thiers on. (unless there are too many people in the car for belts, then i drive nice and slow, and watch my ass.)

One of my friends from grammar school died about a month ago, and it was partly because he didn't have his seatbelt on. So, if nothing else, just remember that it'll save your ass.


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Staff member
Sorry to hear about your friend. :(

I know people who don't always wear their seatbelt and every once and a while I worry that one day I'll get that dreaded phone call. Wearing a seatbelt can make a huge difference in life or death when it comes to medium size accidents. If you fly through the windshield, your chances of survival are lowered drastically.

Some people argue that the car could be on fire and your seatbelt could be jammed. Well yeah, but, you could also fly through the windshield. How many accidents have you ever been in or seen where the car is on fire. I think I'll take my chances and wear my seatbelt. ;)

Plus, just keep a decent pocket knife in your glove compartment that you can pull out in the event that you really do need to cut yourself out of your seatbelt in a hurry.


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Man, I was watching that, I actually felt my stomach fall out.

I actually have a story where my friend not wearing his seat belt actually saved his life. He was driving a 69 chrystler when he lost control of the car and he a colvert head on and went front to back spinning over. If you know how big a 69 chrystler is, when it was finished it was the size of a bug. Anyway, he was thrown from the drivers seat and when the crew came to check out the car, the stiring wheel and went right threw the drivers seat. He was lucky.

I do agree and most cases you should be wearing your seat belt, just a case where it was good he didn't.