Weapons in Outer Space

Might as well make a topic out of it since I'm seeing more and more reports about the subject.

China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi called Wednesday for international diplomacy to avert an "arms race in outer space."Space should be reserved for peaceful purposes, Yang told the 65-nation Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

"Outer space is now facing the looming danger of weaponization," he said. "Credible and effective multilateral measures must be taken to forestall the weaponization and arms race in outer space."

China and Russia have been vocal advocates of a global treaty against space-based weapons and argue for this to be included in future Conference of Disarmament negotiations.
Source: The Associated Press: China warns of 'arms race in outer space'

A renegade Russian arms expert has splashed cold water over his own country’s concerns about potential U.S. space weapons.

Only a day after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov appeared to threaten a response to any U.S. effort to put weapons in space, Maj. Gen. Vladimir Dvorkin, a senior scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Center for International Security, told journalists that such a reaction was unnecessary because “in the near future as there are no such projects in the world.”

The tone of Dvorkin's comments is in contrast to Ivanov's statement, which was made in Kazakhstan on Thursday during ceremonies marking the Baikonur Cosmodrome's 50th anniversary. "If some state harbors plans to deploy weapons in space or starts doing this, we will certainly take measures in response to this," Ivanov said.
Source: A Russian reality check on space weapons - Space- msnbc.com
Russia proposed a treaty on Tuesday to ban the deployment of weapons in outer space, warning that their development could lead to a new arms race and a repeat of the Cold War.

The draft treaty, also backed by China at a UN-sponsored forum, would prohibit the deployment of weapons in space and the use or threat of force against satellites or other spacecraft, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"Weapons deployment in space by one state will inevitably result in a chain reaction," Lavrov said in a speech at the 65-member Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, Switzerland. "This, in turn, is fraught with a new spiral in the arms race both in space and on Earth."
Source: Russia proposes treaty to ban space weapons - space - 12 February 2008 - New Scientist (this one is old news, but I felt to add it due to the alluding to threats)

Here was the response:

The United States has dismissed the criticism as designed to block its plans for a missile interceptor system — while leaving untouched Chinese and Russian ground-based missiles that can fire into space.
"The U.S. that ranks top in terms of being capable of attacking objects on Earth from space with special ammunition is not considering such a project even virtually now," Dvorkin said Friday. "There are too many technological and scientific problems to put such a plan in action."
Well, that's a relief. At least for now. =P

I like how China handled this better than Russia did. China's Prime Minister is all relax and handling it appropriately while Russia like to make threats... or at least allude to making them. Heh.

I'm in agreement with the treaty even if we can't get weapons up in space now due to technological and scientific problems. I think it's worth the sacrifice just to ease tension between Russia and the United States. And, of course, for future cases.

I also have a slight fear that if we did begin to bring weapons into space that Russia would finally break and attack us. They'll be fearful that we'll hold power over them, and that we'll hover over our space weapons just to flex our power.
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