We need a Republican Congress


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I live and vote in Nashville. My mother is in independent living in Louisville. She moved into a new unit and wants me there. I will drive up tomorrow, so I will not get to vote on Tuesday. I meant to vote for Bob Corker in the Tennessee Senate race. America needs a Republican Congress. We need to support our policies since 9/11. If there is one thing Moslem terrorists have, it is a long memory. They can sense weakness. We need a Congress which backs President Bush and American troops in Iraq. We need to keep our homeland safe.


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Why should our congress support a president who has ADMITTEDLY entered a war with no direct purpose. He was asked what the war has to do with WMD's, and he blatantly said "nothing". Want the link? I'll gladly provide you with it.


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However, regardless of the initial reason, Saddam was killing his own citizens through genocide. Can you argue that he should have been left in power?

Sure there are others out there who are worse, but Saddam wasn't getting any better either.

I have mixed feelings on the war, but I do believe more good has come from it than bad. Sure weapons of mass destruction have not been found.

Some say we went there for oil? Well look at our gas prices. We aren't exactly benefiting from any free oil...


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I agree that good has come from the war, but I do feel the money could have been better spent.