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We Got Ripped Off As Kids.?!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi it's me again.Have you noticed the toys that are out?They talk some walk and fully interact with our kids.Man that beats the crap out of the imagniary friend.And now the kids have all these hitech viedogames.I WAN'T TO BE A KID AGAIN. Man they don't know how good they have it.I thought that G.I.Joe and M.A.S.K and Transformers were the cats meow.Boy was I wrong. I'll tell you one thing as my son out grows his toys I either keep them for when he gets older or I collicitively aquire them into my collection.(hey what can I say i'm a collector).
So share your kids toy adventures or share your own kid toy memories. :cool:


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One word: Legos. I was a big fan of the Pirate lego series. If Star Wars legos had been out 10 years ago I most likely would have been a big fan of those as well.


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I agree we did get ripped off big time as kids. I never had many toys as a child. My neighbor always had the cool toys and I was so jealous of him. He had the Atari, I had Pong. He had all the Star Wars toys, I had like maybe one or two. He had a snowmobile, I had an old beat up sled.
Nowwwww....I have kids that are 13 and 9 and they have ALL the toys. Everything they want and everything that I want or wanted as a child LOL.
"They" have a Nintendo, Ninendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox and every single hand help game made. "They" have over 200 games to play on "their" systems. We have a total of 5 computers in our house. One for each of us (4 of us total in house including my hubby) plus we have a laptop. We have over 150 games for the pc too.
My son (9 years old) has every single Star Wars toy you can think of. Last Christmas I got him this cool Darth Vader Talking Mask that is totally awesome. Yes....I admit, I wear it at times. And Yes, I admit, I have felt the force.
Lord of the Rings toys? Got them. Them legos I wanted as a kid? Got them. Lincoln Logs? You guessed it....got them. And that Atari that I always wanted as a child....bought one with a crap load of games off of eBay. I got every single game I always wanted that my neighbor had.
Ok, I know what your thinking, I cant be setting a good example for the children....and yes, my husband gets mad at me cause I spend way too much money re-living my childhood, but oh well....Im over it.
But then again, it is pretty bad on Christmas morning when my kids get tired of opening presents and here it is the end of March and there are still about 5 toys that my son got for Christmas that he hasnt even taken out of the box yet. And just last night he was complaining that he was bored. How on earth can he be bored with all these cool toys? Hell, Im never bored. One day Im Princess Leia fighting the forces of evil and the next Im Legolas fighting the mean Orcs trying to save the world as we know it.

Ok....after reading this....I think I really need to get a life LOL

He who dies with the Most toys..........WINS!!!!!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
This got a better response than I thought it would. Cool. Kyrie you don't need to get a life. I’m the world’s biggest kid. Just keep this in mind when your kid’s tire from their toys put them in a box and forget they are there. Pull the toys out when your kids turn 22 or 23 give them back. All my friends all laughed at me a few years back for collecting comic books and late70's and 80's toys. After I bought my house with 2 comicbooks, my wife’s car with 6 transformers, and the cool one opened my first store from my eBAY sales of G.I. Joe and lunchboxes.
Now I do what I want and my kid is only 5. And you know that having kids is like having a second childhood only without bedtime. You would be amazed the price someone will pay to get their child hood back. As for me I have one of the largest toy and comicbook collection in the US over 7,000 different action figures
And over 30,000 comics. That doesn't even count the movie props and the toy promos. He who dies with the most toys wins...........I Win !!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Keep the replies coming everyone....................

P.S welcome kyrie


~Bus Driver's Pet~
I agree we did get ripped off when I look at toys today and see how computerized they are it can be scary. When I was growing up my Mom never bought toys for us that moved on it's own (not that there were any) or talked or anything she said that it was because she wanted us to develop our imaginations.Fortunately for my son my husbend and I do not believe that way...I have as many toys as you do Nightsurfer... so I guess that means it's a Tie.


...I Win :lol:


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Thanks for the welcome Nightsurfer :)

My husband has boxes full of comic books. He has collected them since he was a kid. I have thought several times about listing them on eBay, but since they are his and part of his childhood I have not. I dont know anything about comic books so I am not sure if any of them would be worth anything anyhow.

As my children grow I box their toys up and store them to give to them or their children when they have them. I wish my parents would have done that for me. I didnt have a lot of toys growing up for some reason....but from the ones I did have and can remember I wish they would have saved them for me.

I am a Star Wars geek. I was around for the very first one (yea Im old) and I cant wait for May to get here to see the last one. I use to have a Star Wars card collection from the late 70's. I remember the day I tossed them in the trash saying to myself, "You gotta grow up someday". DOH!! Who knew? I really miss them cards. *sigh* Now I keep everything. It drives my husband crazy. You never know what a kid will remember playing with when he/she gets older. It will be a good surprise when I save that toy and give it to them when they are older :)

Toys......More is Better!!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Yeah my folks tried to throw out my old toys but I would not let them. I hid my old toys from them untill I got back from collage. So needless to say I still have all of my G.I Joes, M.A.S.K ,and transformers. (didn't get into StarWars that much)they were too stiff . I've ben replaceing the toys and comics that my EX-Wife distroyed.(long story )She hated toys and comics eventhough I owned a C&T shop. Don't ask I still don't understand that.My wife of 10 years loves them she even helps me scout out toy stores and other comic shops. And she even helps me run mine. At times I wonder how she can stand liveing with the worlds biggest kid .. As for your old comics you can check the value of them in WIZARD magizne. I hope your husband has the comics baged & backed to protect them...... If you need help let me know....

P.S Welcome TwilightDawn


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Oh yeah the toys!!! Having a 3 yr old I'm getting to relive (starting to at least) my childhood! I had a heck of a time trying to find her a real life baby doll that wasn't part computer! (one that didn't cry/wet/coo etc) Wanted that imagination thing going on. She has a Princess laptop, robot type learning toys and this summer will be getting....oh no....not a Barbie Jeep....but a corvette! Being an ahhhhh elder here the toys available for my generation were even less than most of yours (although still great ones). No legos but we did have lincoln logs. Can you believe I GAVE AWAY all my barbie stuff????!!!! I had tons! Dolls/furniture/pool/car/van etc etc etc. All in great condition. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it.


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Nothing can beat Ping on atari or what about Pitfall on Intellevision? I must say Christmas was sweeter when i would just wake up and rush to the tree and sort out my loot. Now it's figuring out when and what to buy and whom to fight in the store to get it, spend a buttload of cash wrap it up pretty only to find on Christmas morning that it's either the wrong color, wrong brand or the box or twist ties beat out the toy. OH or what about traveling to several stores to find it? AHHH good times!

Kid toy memory? First that comes to mind is my little green army man with the parachute that my brother convinced my gulable 5 y/o self that if i climbed on top of our swingset and jumped off the teeny tiny square of plastic would actually make me glide safely back to earth @@ yeah right! After bouncing off the 4 seater swing and getting a few stitches on my leg i put a few tacks in his bed sheets :lol:
Nightsurfer said:
So share your kids toy adventures or share your own kid toy memories. :cool: