We can has personality cults

Sadly, No! The Cult Thing
I fear many low-information and n00b voters share Klein’s tendencies: X-candidate will restore their security blanket, after which they can go back to counting so many (other) sheep. To make an atrocious pun, they are no better than Ezra. It’s not that they want to permanently rollback the wingnuttery (which is, after all, the source of the country’s malaise); no, that would mean a long-term commitment or something, totally beyond the pale. Too radical! Instead, they find far too much to like in the personalities of fetching Mr. Obama or nice Mrs. Clinton — and, much more tragically and dangerously, find in their candidacies and shallow, tepid politics so very much symbolism to project deep and understandable feelings onto. A bunch of misplaced affection for two altogether boring and typical politicians.
The truth hurts, doesn't it?
That's not what he says. The point is that you just can't expect personality- driven politics to spawn honorable, humble, genuine, caring politicians who rather wanted to work in a library.