'We all make mistakes...'


I hear this phrase a lot when it comes to forgiving/justifying mistakes we do in our relationships.

For what type of mistakes would you use this phrase?


Personally, I don't like to use this phrase when it comes to relationship. To me, every mistake made by the partners contains will and consciousness in it.
[Yes, even when being drunk. When you're drunk you are less likely to control your actions, but you DON'T forget you're in a relationship.]


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Will and consciousness, yes. But you have to consider than emotions make people act differently. I don't think I would ever yell at my parents; unless, of course, I was really upset. Then at a later date I would regret it. Yes, it happened. But it was a mistake that I wish I would have never done. My emotions had gotten the best of me and that was the outcome.

It's similar to having a split personality. Could you be upset at me if I kicked you when my alter ego named Fred was in control of my body? Now, actions by emotions aren't that severe (as a split personality) but you see what I'm getting at. You're not completely yourself when in an alter-emotional state.


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I don't think you can expect someone to have clear logic and judgment when they're under the influence of something like alcohol or anything else, but what I do agree with you on is that it was their will and their intention to get drunk in a situation where they could do something to compromise their relationship. I think that that phrase should only be used in this situation where it is accompanied by a most sincere apology, because it is true that everyone makes mistakes, but it should not take the responsiblity off ones shoulders, the person who says it still needs to take responsibility for their actions and acknowledge that they messed up and they are lucky if their partner forgives them.