WBC to adopt extra inning baserunner rule and others

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Merc, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Merc

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    Source: World Baseball Classic adopts extra-inning rule - ESPN

    I'm sorry, but I thought we were worried about which team was the best rather than finishing in time for people to watch their favorite TV shows or to beat traffic? This two runner rule is extremely annoying to me and it has to be to the statiscians who I bet would argue that a pitcher who gives up those two runners shouldn't be charged with runs because they didn't put them there in the first place. I understand wanting to end a long game, but if you can't beat a team in 11 innings, you're either evenly matched or choking. I don't see a need for this rule beyond a bunch of the higher paid players complaining that they're "fatigued".

    As for the pitch limitations, I don't really understand them either. If a guy can go 150 pitches before he wants out and still play well, then let him! Obviously, it's the manager's discretion, but still why put pitch limits? You play your best men!

    I am glad however that they're adopting the video replay rules and helmet rules. Other than that, this is a load of shit.

    What do you think?

  2. Tucker

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    There's no pitching limit in baseball!

    I'll probably be at the championship game, since it'll be played at my home away from home. If it goes to a 13th inning, I'll probably be booing the illegitimate placement of baserunners. That just gives way too much of an advantage to the team at bat and makes the game a foregone conclusion, taking away what I love most about extra-inning games.
  3. Merc

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    I forgot to mention that but yeah the suspense definitely makes the game for me too and to have a team get screwed over since basically this rules means that the away team has the advantage.
  4. SamtheBravesFan

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    I agree, but there is a simple strategy for the home team to invoke here:

    The away team will ALWAYS bunt the runners over; it's simply the best strategy here. That leaves second and third with one out. Walk the next batter and try to get a ground ball to an infielder to start a double play.
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    That's one of the dumbest rules I've heard in the sport of baseball. It doesn't matter if the game goes to the 19th inning, the players should be the one putting the runners on base, they shouldn't have a runner on first and second automatically.

    Also for the pitch count, that's simply ridiculous as well. Probably no major league pitchers would go that distance, because the coaches won't allow it in my opinion. But there's so pitchers out there that actually pitch more than 150 pitches. I remember back when Dice K was in high school, he threw ridiculous amount of pitches. Don't remember the exact number, but it was definitely more than 150.
  6. SamtheBravesFan

    SamtheBravesFan New Member

    Such is the folly of international baseball. ;)
  7. Wade8813

    Wade8813 Registered Member

    Starting an inning with runners on base makes it more likely runs will score, but since it does that for both sides, it's still quite possible for the games to keep going. And as StBF hinted at, that might create new strategies, since you KNOW you'll start the inning with runners on base.

    Those pitch counts seem ridiculously low in the first and second rounds.
  8. SamtheBravesFan

    SamtheBravesFan New Member

    The first time I saw it in the Olympics (Cuba vs. USA), I knew exactly what Cuba was going to do. They were going to bunt the runners over and have the next guy try to hit a two-run single if he wasn't walked. That's exactly what happened. Then Team USA did the same thing (after Jayson Nix fouled that bunt off of his face), bunting the runners over. But they could only manage a sac fly, and they lost.

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