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Nintendo 64 WaveRace


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Which one did you think was better?

Wave Race 64 or Wave Race for Game Cube

I LOVED Wave Race 64. The music and graphics are just incredible! Where as the gamecube version just lacked.


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The N64 version was definately the better game. I can't really explain it, because I only played both a couple times, but it was just a better all around game.


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Wave Race Bluestorm is a pile of garbage. The AI is so cheap its ridiculous, and the comic book character designs were uncalled for.

Now, Wave Race 64 is a classic. I'm pretty sure it's still the best wave runner game ever made. This game used a lot of the N64's "under the hood" muscle. Miyamoto has gone on to say the game tapped about 80% of the systems power yet this title remains one of the most technically impressive games of all-time. The wave physics are simply sick, how the hell did they program water to look so real? I mean, even to this day, no joke go play it the only thing that you might come across dated is the jaggies on the characters since they look early polygonal for its time. And the play mechanics are downright awesome. Don't believe me? Go play Drake Lake, remember how N64 games were notorious for being foggy? Well, that level used fog as a gameplay mechanic, each lap the fog would clear until everything on the horizon was in crystal clarity. Wave Race 64 was also intended to be a racing game where the boats changed forms or transformed themselves somehow, but they made it a wave runner game because they didn't want people to draw comparisons to F-Zero X.

Oh, by the way. Do yourself a favor and do not download it on your Virtual Console. Nintendo removed all the in-game Kawasaki banners and replaced them with Wii and DS ads. And the freakin' Jet Skis that were KAWASAKIS don't even have the Kawasaki logos on them. Ugh, I hate censorship, and I hate it when the modify classics. Just leave the classics alone, Nintendo! :lol:

But yeah, if you can't tell, I love Wave Race 64! :)


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dude, they had no choice, the no longer have the contract with Kawasaki, so names HAD to be removed... I really wish people would educate themselves before spouting nonsense.

I downloaded the VC version, and I think it plays alot better than the 64, and I owned the 64 verson from day 1 of its release, it was the 3rd title released on the 64

I have played blue storm but never owned it so I cant compair the 2, but Waverace is deff a stellar title, even on VC


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Educate themselves? :lol:

If they don't own the license to the Kawasaki brand I don't see the reason why they re-released it on the Virtual Console. In my opinion that's drastically reducing the realism of the game, Wave Race 64 is a great wave runner simulator and those are Kawasaki JetSki's after all. I just believe when Nintendo goes back to re-release a game even modifying it its just a cheap way for them to get 10 bucks, or whatever the price is to download it on your Nintendo Wii. And I don't see how the game could actually play better on the Wii since its an exact duplicate of the original (almost). Or does it feature Wii remote and Nunchuck controls?

And if you played Blue Storm I don't see why you can't draw comparisons and contractions on it right away. The AI in Wave Race 64 progressivley increased in aggregation with each passing lap, while in Blue Storm I just noticed the riders taking cheap shortcuts and nailing each and every turn with accurate precision. To me, that's not only annoying but also very cheap. And I was looking forward to Blue Storm, but just about every GameCube rehash (Super Mario Sunshine for example) didn't quite capture the feeling of the hit original. i.e. Super Mario 64.

I should however applaud Sega/Amusement Vision's efforts with F-Zero GX and AX. Now that was one hell of a GameCube game.
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I use a wavebird to play it, and I think it controls better,(probably mostly because I own more GC than 64 games) the only thing that really changed was the fact that they couldnt have Kawasaki name in there, Kawasaki is now makeing there own games, the reason why Blue Storm had to use 'waverunners'

I only played Blue Storm for like 5 minutes at a friends house, now if it were more than that, I could make a compairison


While 64 may be the better overall "game," I still love Blue Storm. At the very least, Blue Storm amps up the water effects and really helped to show off what the GameCube could do early on in its life. However, it did feel a little hollow and the stunt controls were unnecessary in my opinion.

I just want another one with more tracks and bigger waves.