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Watsons Nobel Prize Returned


Registered Member
Years ago James Watson - one of the discoverers of the structure of DNA - also discovered links between genetics and intelligence. Since the discovery offended the blacks, he was shunned by the scientific community and he became the 1st Nobel Prize recipient to put his award up on auction.

A Russian billionaire didnt believe that was fair. So he bought the medal at the auction for $4.8 million USD and now he is returning it to Watson.
Imo, it was the right choice. Watson worked hard for that medal. He advanced biology and he deserves his reward.
BBC News - Russia's Usmanov to give back Watson's auctioned Nobel medal



Free Spirit
Staff member
I think it was nice of Usmanov to buy this back for Watson but he chose to sell it to begin with. So I hope Usmanov isn't disappointed if he does so again.