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How fussy are you about water? Can you taste the difference between different brands of water? Do you have a favourite/least favourite brand? Or does it all taste the same to you?

Personally i'm very fussy about water. I taste big differences between the different brands and there are a few brands i just can't drink. I try to stick to just Volvic, Vittel and Evian. They taste the best to me. Must be something about the french water!


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The extent of my water-fussiness goes this far:

If I could choose, I would drink only my tap water forever --> We have predominantly sand underneath our house, which makes for some excellently filtered, and absolutely delicious water!

I can taste the difference between brands, but I can't say I really care.
All I really drink apart tea is water. But I'm still not overly fussy about it at all. I can tell between some brands but I don't take note of which taste slightly better, I just drink whatever my mum buys. The one shes been getting recently is scottish I think, its good. I'll also happily drink tap water although my preference in terms of taste is bottled.


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we've got a filter tap system thing at home...so i never buy bottled stuff...if i ever think im gonna need a bottle of water i'll fill one up and take it with me...and besides...bottled water is so freakin' expensive


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Yes I can tell the difference between bottled water only because some of the bottled water really isn't filtered. I use a Brita filter at home so I don't buy any unless I'm desperate and don't have any on me.


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It all tastes the same to me.

Back in marching band I didn't care what brand it as... Just that it was pure water and cold.

And that was also the only part of my life that I really drank water. XD


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Our tap water is very good. I do drink bottled as well, but only ever certain brands, Highland spring and Brecon Carreg being my most popular.

Can I tell the difference? Between some brands, yes. Some I find leave what feels like a residue on your teeth whilst others are completly refreshing.


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Tap water is what I notice, not so much bottled water. Depending on where you are tap water can taste like pool water or better then bottled water.


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I don't really care, as long it's water to be honest but I do prefer tap water, not in summer though because the water gets warm. I just bottle it up and put it in the freezer to get cold and then drink it.