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Water or Lemonade?


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This guy goes to a buffet and ordered water. When he got the water, it had a slice of lemon on it so what he did was that he squeezed the lemon in the water and add 2 packets of sugar to it to make lemonade. He was upset that he was charged for a price of a lemonade. Do you think he should of been charged for it?


In my opinion, I don't think he should of cause it was just a slice of lemon and it is not enough lemon to make a normal lemonade. The slice was probably thin. The restaurant should of not even put the lemon on there unless it is their scheme to try to make more money in hopes of people doing the same thing that guy did.


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That's a crock! If they were going to charge him for the lemonade, he should have demanded that they had paid him for the labor of making it.


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My question is, at what point did they decide it was okay to charge him? Probably not when he oredered the lemon water, I get that all the time when I go out to eat and have yet to be charged for it. I'm guessing the sugar put them over the edge; but, aren't the sugar packets complimentary? If not, then I should receive a discount every time I order coffee because I drink it black.
What an idiotic thing for that restaurant owner to do, their goal should be to please the customer, not drive them away.:confused:


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You're right, AngelsPeak. The sweeteners (and other condiments) are complimentary, too.

The owner of that restaurant is a greedy bastard.


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Wow that's ridiculous. Not only are the sugar packets complimentary at every restaurant's I have ever been to, but, I've also never been charged for a lemon slice.

That restaurant is getting some seriously bad press right now... the kind that would make me not go there if I lived there. That is one of the dumbest restaurant policies I have heard ever.

I would do the same thing that this guy Doug Kinney is doing. I'd make a big deal out of it not because I was charged a few bucks extra, but, on the principle of how dare they charge me.

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and make sure you have a few bucks on hand to pay for it apparently."