Water Found on the Moon (Again!)

Discussion in 'Science & History' started by ExpectantlyIronic, Nov 14, 2009.

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    So some researchers from India had found evidence that confirmed the existence of water on the moon, and NASA responded by saying, "hey wait, we can't be sure until we explode off part of it with a bomb. That's, uh, just how science rolls, okay?" And then they bomb the moon and say they discovered water there, and everyone is like, "holy shit, NASA discovered water on the moon!" Except, they didn't. Some researchers from India did, and they didn't even need to shoot shit at the moon to do it.

    Are we really still in an international pissing contest over space? I guess it's good for science, and that's good, but really?

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    I've made a thread on another forum stating how space research is a big waste of money while out there are millions of homeless and starving who could put up a good use for the money being wasted. What's the point of exploring the Moon and what chemicals and minerals it has because life up there is just unsuitable.
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    The point is space is cool. Other than that, NASA research has led to things like smoke detectors, solar power, and better methods of detecting breast cancer, etc. They also keep on the lookout for dangers out of space, like giant asteroids that want to kill us all dead proper. And we might want to harvest resources from space someday, since the moon alone has quite a lot of valuable ones. But mostly, space is just cool, and if we can't have cool things like space research, what's the point of living anyways?
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    NASA is throwing its weight around, like we have to blow stuff up mentality to nurse their bruised ego.

    NASA could learn something from the Indians instead.
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    I definitely disagree with the thoughts that space exploration is a waste. As far as I'm concerned any exploratory research that expands the human understanding is well worth it.

    Discovering water on the moon doesn't suprise me as the latest theory of where the moon came from is that an asteroid roughly the size of mars played pinball with earth's face around the precambrian and like any big brother it chipped earths tooth and thus the moon was formed off the debris.

    International pissing contests is what humans are all about. Its always red vs blue, always has been always will be. In the future when we infest mars..... You guessed it red (planet) vs blue (planet) its just human nature to flex the peen and commence winking until we're in the history books.
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    haha about NASA taking credits for the water in moon..i guess its cos they were always the leading front when it came to space research and i guess it kinda makes them look bad when a different country org finds smt that important..i personally thought it was kinda childish that such a huge organization is threatened by somethin like this. but HEY they found water on moon! it could be the first step that the moon could be habitable or was habitable..i think thats pretty cool.:)

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