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Water cooling system


Registered Member
has anybody heard about these? or better yet does anyone have one? alienware has started putting these in their systems standard, and id like to have one because they are more efficient than the fans, so would anyone know where i could find this setup?


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Wow, an NO2 cooling system would probably freeze the innards of the computer, LOL!

I haven't tried one of the water systems, but I have been thinking about it. I am hesitant to have water inside an electrical device, though. I group in the age of public service announcements on TV that warned us water + electric = dead you.


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Staff member
I'm not sure water cooling is the best option. Too many possibilities for things to go wrong if you ask me.

It's not worth having water leak out into your PC and ruin pretty much everything. I've heard one to many horror stories about water cooling.


Food Whore
No water!
Cooling system! NO2! That's very cold!:)
We don't need to get into Phase cooling.. Thats insane. (Unless you've overclocked like a BEAST).

Actually, Water cooling is getting easier by the month. More and more companies are putting out "sealed loop" systems. In other words, they come pre-setup, all you do is apply it to your GPU/CPU and then throw the radiator into a 120mm fan slot or something. I was considering getting on my original "new" pc, but the case was too small. (Then i built this one, and didn't want to have to deal with that)

CoolerMaster makes a bunch of GOOD pre-assembled systems, if you're still looking for one.