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Games Watching others play


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Do you like watching other people play video games? I've heard some people say that they would rather watch other people play than to play the games themselves. Do you find entertainment in watching others, or does it just make you want to play it yourself?

For me, I enjoy doing both. I guess it just depends on the game. For games that I've never played before I am actually quite happy to watch others play. For games I know really well though I have a harder time watching, especially if they aren't any good at the game. It just makes me want to play and show them how to do things.

I do watch a lot of live streaming of speed runs and professional Halo players and stuff like that. I think it's really entertaining to watch the best of the best play their games and it doesn't make me want to play because I know I'd never be as good as them.


Sally Twit
I like watching when the person is good at the game. If it's just them messing about trying out different things, it doesn't interest me. Watching good gamers impresses me and I often find that more fun than playing it myself.
Sometimes I will try something, suck at it, then pass the controller to my boyfriend. He will get through it easily and I just ask him to carry on.


Well-Known Member
It really does depend on the game and person.

If I don't enjoy playing the game myself then I'll have a really hard time watching someone else play (CoD is a prime example here as it is in most cases with me).

If I'm watching the person play a game that I know super well (like DK64) then I'll have a lot of fun watching the person try to figure it out. I'd still say that I generally enjoy playing more than I do watching.

I watch speedruns on youtube fairly often (never all the way through) and I do enjoy watching those.


Problematic Shitlord
I actually watch streaming more than actual TV. If not for background noise, it's also great to learn how the good players play and to get some pointers watching them play. It's also a nice way to preview games before buying them. I really want to stream games myself once I get my new PC.


Internet Dig Dug
Most of the time I do like watching people play games, though generally it depends on if I find the person funny or entertaining. Though if it's something like a speedrun I generally only watch games that interest me (Zelda games, Dark Souls, and the like).


I enjoy doing both, I grew up playing old PS1 games with my neighbour and we would take turns in playing. He would watch me play until I died, then we would switch and I would watch him play until he died and it was my turn again. I like watching my roommate play sometimes. I also watch lots of Let's Play type videos on youtube.


Hopeless musician
I love watching others play, mostly because I suck at video games and most people that I watch are exponentially better than me. I have a bit more fun watching others play, and I can get more joy out of that than if I were playing myself. I've accepted that video games are not exactly my thing, haha. I really enjoy a lot of those speedruns and let's plays on YouTube, especially.


Registered Member
I'll watch if it is to learn something new but I'd rather be playing on my own and doing trial and error on my own to find out what works best for me, because what others are doing might work out terribly for you.

Maybe if a friend is over playing something I'll watch a bit but that is a lot more engaging and at least one of us tends to be a bit buzzed when that happens, so fun is guaranteed.


needs practice
As a kid one of my best friends would invite me over and I would watch him play games for however long the play session was. I would get like 20 minutes for like 3 hours of hanging out with him, he was that guy.

Nevertheless I do not enjoy watching others play really I do want to get in there and kick some ass.

Although I did let one of my friends beat my copy of Silent Hill 2, because the end of the game was too damn scary for me. When I went in Silent Hill Historical Society it just became too much, so I watched him for the last 3 hours of gameplay lol.