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Do you watch movies alone? Or have you?

I have been to the movies alone, I think it's great. I don't mind watching with my friends as long as they're not the ones who try to talk to me during the movie.

Some people find it strange though when I tell them I go to movies alone. And I found a rant on the net related to this: Shouldn't Movies Be an Alone Event?

I don't understand why most people don't go to the movies alone. Or worse, why people still go to the movies on a first date. Movies are geared for people to be alone, yet every time I mention to someone that I went to a movie alone, I get a shocked look of disbelief at my actions... and I don't get that.

I guess it's because when I go to the movies alone it's because I want to see the movie. There are a number of people that I can go to see a movie with - everyone likes to go to the movies right? Hah! Ever try to get a group of more than two to agree on one movie? Try getting a group of five to agree on less than seven movies... so if I go alone, I can guarantee myself that I'll see the movie I want to. Good reasoning.

Then there's the theatre. It's dark, loud, and there's a big, big moving picture that will monopolize my attention. Granted a club can be dark and loud, with plenty of eye candy to watch, but... wait, I don't like to try to talk there either - I can't hear a thing over the music - so that's a moot point. Anyway, when I watch TV, I don't mind taking a call or being interrupted by someone - TiVo can pause and rewind live TV. There's no TiVo at the theatre, so if I miss something because of having to be an attentive companion... lemme try explaining it another way: see how well you do with a date if you ignore her or him (hir?) instead of talking to hir. Yeah, right. That's a sure fire way of having a lot of first dates.

Besides, have you ever seen a couch in the seating of a theatre? No. They have the little armrest-cubicle-walls between seats: you aren't supposed to have conversations with the person next to you! You're supposed to watch the movie. Given that, what in the hell do you need another person there for? Sure, when you get out you can compare notes, laugh about funny lines, etc. - that's the only time I feel I miss being with someone when I go it alone, but that's about it... besides, that's why you can talk on a cell phone on the ride home.

I just think that more people should be open to going to the movies alone... it doesn't make you a social leaper if you only buy one ticket for yourself.


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I haven't been to the movies for years but I wouldn't mind going alone, I think that when people say they are going alone people tent to think they are sad and have no friends when that really isn't the case. I have been to the movies before with people and they have kept talking to me and bugging me, I find it really annoying. I also hate it when I am watching a film at home and people are with me and they keep asking me every 5 minutes whats going on.


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I used to go to the movies alone a lot of times, usually earlier in the day. Sometimes, I just don't want to be around people. And I want to watch a movie for the sake of the entire experience; the size of the screen, the condiments, the audio etc.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Just don't tell anyone!


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If it was a film I really wanted to see I'd go alone. Most of the time I'm happy to wait for DVDs, the reason I go to the cinema is it's often a good way to meet up with friends and make new acquaintances. Go watch a film with some friends and friends of friends, nip for a bite to eat or a drink, and you won't be short of anything to talk about to these new people you've never met before.


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It doesn't mater to me if I go with someone or go alone. Most of the time I wind up going to the movies with the family but every now and again I go alone because noone in my family wants to see the flick or it's a AM sneak peek at a movie.

Every year I go to the Masters of horror all by my lonesome or atleast till my oldest son gets into horror then I will have a movie buddy...


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I actually really love going to see a movie right as it's leaving theaters because I get to see it in it's full glory without any friends or people to interrupt it. That's not to say I won't see one with friends, don't get me wrong. But movies are great either way.


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The douche who wrote that has no idea what they're talking about; the guys and i always agreed on a movie to watch-never argued or nothing. Besides, if you go alone who are you gonna steal food from when you run out of popcorn? Who are you gonna laugh with when you find something that isn't supposed to be funny hilarious?

I'm not saying people shouldn't go alone, that's their choice, but it's more fun with friends!


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I hate going to the cinema alone. I have to drag Synd or one of my friends along. Synd has seen many films with me that he didn't want to see.