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Watching Ice Skating


Secret Agent
Staff member
Does anybody else have a hard time watching ice skating? I always cringe almost the entire time, just worried that they will fall. It makes me nervous because I hate seeing people practice so much and then totally biff it out there, especially if they break a leg or foot or something.

What about you?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
It's my favorite sport to watch in the Winter Olympics. :)

I think it's also because I love the music they choose. I do get worried when they make errors. I keep thinking that during rehearsals they've been doing it so well and come performance time, just one time where it matters, they eff it up with an accident. I'm less worried about them having injuries though. :lol:


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was watching a bit of it yesterday, forgot the names of the pair, but they started off pretty good, then the girl missed a fell, I felt bad for her, especially since she was only 16 and probably had immense pressure on her shoulders.

So yes to answer your question, I don't nervous while watching it, I just feel bad when they slip/fall.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I remember when I liked ice skating the most out of all the winter sports. For some reason I dont watch it anymore; bores me. It really doens't make any sense but it is what it is.

I feel bad when they fall because they have to get up and keep going like nothing even happened. That's tough.


Son of Liberty
Ice skating has never bothered me. I've been to a few Figure Skating Competitions in person and even then its never really bothered me. Hell when I was doing Hockey Practice sometimes we'd split the ice and share time with Private Session Figure Skaters.

But nah, I never cringe to be honest.

The one I do cringe on are the downhill snow skiers. Those guys and gals' knees must be a wreck after all that!


Embrace the Suck
It's not that I get nervous, I have a hard watching it because it's boring to me.


Registered Member
I know what you mean.. it's not so much the figure skating, cause there isn't a particular team I root for.. but in speed skating events I do get all nervous. :)


Boom Boom Pow!
I enjoy watching figure skating. I also like some of the music they use as well.

I always feel nervous for them incase they fall. Everytime I see them getting ready for a jump I always think oh no what if they fall over! :faint:


Well-Known Member
I tried watching the figure skating yesterday and it bored me to tears. Them falling was about the only interesting part for me, so no, I didn't get nervous or feel bad for them when they did.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
When I used to watch figure skating I did get nervous, but I don't really watch it anymore cause it's so boring. There's way too much subjectivity.

What really makes me nervous is the downhill skiing and the snowboarding events. One mistake there and you're going down and definitely out of medal contention.