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Watch Your Friends!

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Anonym0uz Bitch

There are more people then you know that are willing to be your friend, you just actually have to look.


Problematic Shitlord
Piccolo said:
\I know lots of people who think that, especially shy ones, being the target of bullies can happen to anyone. When I was in junior high I got picked on from time to time, but I did defend myself, and I also had plenty of friends that were upperclassmen. Giving up is also not good, there is always someone who will talk to you, etc. You just have to learn how to spot people that you believe you can relate too, and they can relate to you. You are also going through what 90% of kids go through when they are in Junior and High school. Most, just dont talk about it.
I defended myself as well. So I didn't actually give up, I was just at my lowest point in middle school. And for the record, I'm in college, this was a couple years ago. It's just that it lasted from Elementary school to about junior year, so almost 11 years of people pushing me around and betraying me. I'm a hell of a lot better now, I've got more friends than ever and I have a girlfriend. Middle and high school are just horrible times. College is just so much better and people are just a lot cooler. I think it's because the cliquey nature of high school is pretty much gone.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Remember you are talking about children, who are basically immature on a normal basis, so getting mad at kids for being kids, as in being immature, etc. is also a little immature as well. Middle School would be the same except worse because of hormones.


The Mercenary said:
Luc said:
I suffered a lot recently, and didn't have much support from my friends. I felt as though they didnt want to deal w/ the burden I'd become, and completely abandoned me. I dont trust my friends will always be there for me any more, and I've gone back to feeling more comfortable being independent. The event damaged my views in several ways. It sucks seeing stuff this way, but it doesnt look like it's going to change any.
If they ditched you in a time of need, then they were never your friends.
my thoughts excatly. Thats where the conflict emerges. We'd been through things before. THere were times where they were there, however when I was under a lot of pressure people just didnt know how to deal. I was too much of a burden.
UNderstand this isn't a group of friends i'm dealing with. These are different people all together, which means there's a big chance a change in personality is what caused such difficulties. however if no one could deal w/ the pressure, I have to question how much can I rely on people. I learned i cant expect the world from folks which made me insecure. Who knows how much the world means to from the persons point of view?; how long before people realize they dont want to be bothered with shit. Being I'd been through thick and thin with some of these folks, I depended on them to be there w/ me until the end. But when I really needed them I was isolated. Honestely if you were in a simular position I dont doubt some of your close friends would've left you too.