Watch Your Friends!

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  1. I guess the real question is how much can you actually trust your friends? Sometime you can be cool with a sheep in wolf's clothing so to speak. Nowadays, you have to be damn near a full on impath to know how people are. I just hate having one of those situations where you have to question your trust with any of your friends. Have any of your friends ever put you in that situation?

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    Not really a friend, but one this happen to me, that's why I have trouble trusting girls when there drunk if there your girlfriend. I went to visit my friend in Guelph. Then she live in resident close to her college, and she had roomates. It was her birthday so went out to a bar, one of her roomates was getting pretty drunk, so we where just talking all of us and just drinking, and then we went to dance and I was just dancing she comes up to me and she kisses me on the lips, I am like whatever, then she wanted a drink and she needed like 50cents, so I give it to her, and I wanted another beer so I am like I'll o with her at the bar, when where waiting for our drinks she grabs my last like five times, she licks my ear, then she tells me oh don't tel this to my boyfriend he looks just like you and I never see him, I'm like this is not my business, you do what you wanna do. Also I didn't even know this chick. The next day my friend as a b-day party at her place and then the girl who kissed me her boyfriend shows up. So that's why I think it's real hard to trust girlfriends when they go to a party or club, and your not there and especially if they get pretty hammered.
  3. I trust my close friends, female and male, but when it comes to females and drinkings it would depend on their personality when they drink. I know some females that are fine when drunk, and others that can get very horny, and half the time dont even remember what they said and did.
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    Well when it comes to friends I have to honestly say I only have one true friend. Possibly 2 after that, but for a fact 1. Then I have people who could be friends if they chaned certain things. That doesn't mean I don't trust the people that could be friends. That just means that they don't have complet trust. On topic though I can say it's okie to trust your friend(s) if they are indeed true friends.
  5. Merc

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    Unfortunately, I live mostly by the DTA law: Don't Trust Anyone. Thanks to a select few experiences, I have a hard time trusting people.
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    I trust all my friends and they trust me. A lot of my friends drink it's no biggie to me even though I'm 14. I always try to help them out and be there when they need me. I got there back and they got mine. I just try to be as good as a friend as I can.
  7. Masakado

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    I trust my friends... then again I only have about 3 real-life friends :)

    I sometimes doubt their word though, maybe I am just paranoid.
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    I suffered a lot recently, and didn't have much support from my friends. I felt as though they didnt want to deal w/ the burden I'd become, and completely abandoned me. I dont trust my friends will always be there for me any more, and I've gone back to feeling more comfortable being independent. The event damaged my views in several ways. It sucks seeing stuff this way, but it doesnt look like it's going to change any.
  9. Merc

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    If they ditched you in a time of need, then they were never your friends.
  10. lavoidgaskins

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    I agree with him. What kind of "friends" are they if they ditched you?

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