Watch my CHERRY blossom!


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Mina said:
wow!!! 1818 views and 265 watchers...I'm amazed that my cherry could get that much attention.. :lol:
Mina you may just not never know what you got there :lol:


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God that's funny.. I was so thinking that!!!!!! I was like haha... next she can do the box full of mysteries - no longer a cherry in it!

lol................ oh boy oh boy! I am so happy to see it is doing well! I thought it would be a big hit :)


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Holy bageebis! You gals crack me up! I don't know if I would have the balls to do that one...but then I guess if I DID have balls...I couldn't DO that one anyway, could I? So does that mean.....hmmmm... nevermind. :eek:oh: