Wasted Talent


Sally Twit
Is there anything you think you would have been good at or could be good at but never took the time or chance in pursuing it?

For me it's counselling. I've always been the friend that everyone would come to with their problems and end up making them feel better. I have been doing this since I was in school and always get lots of satisfaction from it. I like to help people - friend or stranger. I should have looked in to it as I was leaving school but I didn't. I am sure I will explore this again when I have a bit more money saved up.


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I hope you do get a chance to get into counselling Bliss. Stick at it!

For me, I wish I'd stuck at art. I know i'm still young and can pursue it when i'm older, but it's hard to find the time to do it any more. The reason I quit in school was because I had a personality clash with the teacher. Another is cooking, but I plan on going back to school next year to further that.


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I wish that I had stuck at art as well, I was really into it when I was young but put it on the back burner for some reason, once I started martial arts and later boxing the passion I had for art went into them.

I now seem to lack the concentration to do a full project, that and my hand hurts after about 20 minutes of holding a pencil, I sometimes knock out a fast sketch but have lost the love for it I once had.

My mum and brother still have a go at me for dropping art, my mum because she thinks I wasted a talent and my brother cause he always wanted me to be his own personal tattoo artist and design all his work.


my wasted talent is singing.
i think i'm really talented when it comes to it. i've also participated in many national singing competitions. since art is not well-appreciated here, i got another direction - law school.[which is something i'm not really into].
i sing though whenever i'm invited in pubs and stuff like that. i just wanted to become a professional singer. i don't know if i'll ever get that chance.
I used to be creative/arty but I have no idea where it ran off too... :dunno: I still absolutely love drawing and I can whack out a decent picture from time to time, but it feels like I'm never in the mood for it any more. Plus, I like to copy images instead of make my own so I believe that takes away part of the 'talent' aspect of the whole thing.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Music is definitely my talent, I'm quite fluent in playing a lot of instruments and singing as well, I'm a member of my church choir.

It was always in the back of my head, but I guess I sort of lost love for it after High School.....

It would be nice to pick it up once again and just try to go from there....I'm 19 at the moment, so it really isn't too late.


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I was really into web designing when I was a teenager, and really enjoyed it.
I never pursued it as a career though. I'm not too worried about it either, since I'm completely into baking at the moment.