Washington Redskins


Sultan of Swat
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They added Mike Shanahan as their new head coach and then they traded for Donovan McNabb. There's still a few holes to feel on this team, some of them will most likely come through the draft and free agency(we all know Dan Snyder loves to spend money)

What are your expectations on this team next season? Do you believe they'll make the playoffs if they stay healthy. Do you see McNabb playing with a chip on his shoulders to prove the Philly orginazation that he can still be one of the best quarterbacks in the league.


Change the World
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Hmm my gut says no playoffs next season but a vast improvement. I'd definitely like to see this team start to do well, they've probably earned a break!

And I know this isn't the original topic, but man they really need to change their name. It's just so blatantly offensive. Yes, in a historic context, but that doesn't make it ok. Can't it just be the Washington Warriors or something?! Ok, sorry. /rant


Internet Dig Dug
I do say that they will be a vast improvement from last season, however I do not see the playoffs this year. Though I do believe that they will probably be either the first team or the second team out of the playoffs in their division, and definitely above 500.