Washing the face


You wash your face with warm water or cold one?
after applying warm water to you rinse it with cold one to close the pores?


Son of Liberty
Whatever temp the shower is.

I dont ever go out of the way to wash my face any other times. As I've stated in the Oily face thread, I dont have much of an issue with acne or any other dermatological troubles in the face.

If I splash my face with water, its usually cold though. And thats only to wake me up if I'm having trouble staying attentive.
Warm water, unless its hotter than 90º outside then i might go cooler. Normally done before a shave. Both done preferably in the shower.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Well....it depends.

I only use warm water to warm my hands during winter, maybe even wash my face sometimes.

I thought we were talking about washing our faces in general? lol