Washing & Folding Clothes


Son of Liberty
Do you wash & fold your own clothes?

I know we've got a lot of members who still live at home with their parents, and as I was throwing in a load of clothes then folding the dry towels I got to thinking... how many other members do the same?

If you live at home, do you wash your own clothes or do you let your parents do it for you?


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I wash my own clothes, but never get around to the folding part. Either i'll just grab them straight out of the dryer to wear, or I forget about them and someone else either folds them, or throws them in a pile in my room. The only time I will fold them is if i'm really bored.


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I don't live with my parents anymore. But I started washing and folding my own clothes when I was 12. Occasionally if my mom had small loads of towels she would go into my room and get some of t-shirts and jeans to wash with the towels.


Sally Twit
My mum is excellent at folding clothes and at the moment she is my laundry service as my washing machine is broke. She washes my clothes for me once a week and gives them back to me in a bag. When I take them out of the bag they are folded so perfectly. I have no idea how she does it.


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I do mine, my husband's, and kids'. :lol:
Guess, the question wasn't meant for parents..


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Yes I do my own, have been doing it for years now, even when I was home my parents made me do it some of the time, I liked to help out anyway.


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My mother is very finicky about doing it herself but I've finally convinced her to just let me do my own. I'd much rather do it one because I'm not six and two because I hate when my clothes get lost (I have five other people in the house with me, 3 siblings and my parents so it's easy for clothes to "vanish").