Was just on the Tony Danza show


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Very cool! Ya looked good and did well! Even with the lights glare that sandwich did look like a face. Could see it better than in the auction pic. LOL on the "no no no" when asked if your forehead was perm. :grin:


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Shaune Bagwell did great too. It was too bad that Tony mistook her for the person who changed their name, but at least she was able to correct him. :)

As for the "no no no" (LOL), what can I say, I am just very passionate about not being a permanent forehead tattoo type of guy!

The sandwich is awesome! It's kept in a James Bond-ish metal combination fireproof briefcase. It's cool walking around with it around the city. Some security guards wanted to see what was in it, so we showed them andit was hilarious. They had heard about the sandwich, and when one of them saw it he said "Woooooowww! I SEE HER!" LOL! The sandwich is crazy because you really do see her right away without having to have someone point her out for you.

Anyway, I'm off to bed for now. :)


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Good job Andrew.

It says on the Golden Palace site that no preservatives were added to that sandwich, yet it hasn't gone moldy at all.

That's really weird.

Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe that really is Virgin Mary.


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Andrew the segment looked great..I bet you did have fun carying the james bond case.Glad you had fun...So what's next?