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3ds was it a waste of time?


New Member
i like the ds, but i cant help thinking that it is a complete waste of time when i play mine

the touch screen was an amazing idea but with some of the games, no, most of the games! you dont even use it!

what do you think?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Well, the only game I even have for it is Mario 64/DS. It's the only reason I bought one and I've loved it since the day i got it. It's my favorite game of all time though so I could be a bit biased.. ;)


Registered Member
May I ask what planet you are living on?

There are alot more DS games out that use the touch screen than dont.

Elite Beat Agents
Lost in Blue
Yoshi Touch N Go
Tetris DS
Animal Crossing
Metroid Prime Hunters
Super Mario 64 DS
Kirby Canvas Curse

And alot more that I havent even played...

Sure many games allow you to play YOUR WAY, either touch screen or a more classic control scheme, but to say that the screen isnt used enough, what are you playing launch titles only?

As for being a complete waste of time, thats what VIDEOGAMES are, a complete waste of time, to take you away from the real world long enough to enjoy something else. Mario Kart is the most successful wast of time for me. specially if the power goes out.