Was General Forum your first forum?


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This is like my 10,000,000,000 forum :D. Nah just kidding. My first forum was the Miniclip Forums. I also joined a few made by my friens. And then i found this beauty (General Forum).
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We've had several threads on this (at least I think so).

Anyway this is my first and last forum, no need for me to get another one when this place is great.


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I have been apart of many forums, mainly from when I was in clans and other things, now it is GF that I am on and don't really go on others.


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It's probably more than 5, but less than 10. There are a few that I was apart of that I wasn't active on for very long.


I've been subscribed to tons of forums before. [of any kind from Religious, to Music, General, Computers, Health etc..].
I'm still active on 2-3 of them ..generally when I have any question to ask - and not to debate.
But General Forum stands out the most and probably always will!!


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I can't remember exactly how many forums I was on before this one, but GeneralForum was not my first one.

I know I was on at least 2 cell phone forums before I can here. They lead me here though because I found that my favorite sections on the forum were the "General Forums" where people could talk about anything they wanted rather than the phone specific forums. Needless to say I googled general forum and this is where I landed 2 years ago.


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You know, I spent ages looking for a 'general forum' cos everywhere else I found was too specific to one subject. Eventually I googled..."GENERAL" and "FORUM" Kinda felt like a moron when I found this gem after yearning for a place exactly like this...


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No, General Forum didn't take my forum virginity. I've been on similar forums since 2004 and I only joined GF in 2008.