Warrior rush

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  1. Tributes: 2 Total
    GearFried the swords master
    Buster balder <> Slient Swordsman Lv 5

    Non tributes: 18 Total
    Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
    Goblin Attack Force
    Obnoxious Celtic Guardian
    E-Hero Wildheart
    Exiled Force
    Gearfried the iron knight
    D.D. Survivor
    Marauding Captain x3
    Mataza The Zapper
    Mysterious guard
    Commando Knight x2
    Cliff the Trap Remover
    Mystic swordsman lv 2
    Mystic swordsman lv 4
    Breaker the Magical Warrior

    Magic: 16 Total
    Reinforcement of the Army
    Reload <> Infeno reckless summon
    The Warrior Returning Alive
    untied we stand
    Fusion Sword Murasame Blade x2
    Axe of Despair
    Premature Burial
    Ligthing blade <> the a forces
    Giant Trunade
    Snatch Steal
    Heavy Storm
    Release restraint
    Swords of Revealing Light
    Nobleman of Crossout x2

    Traps: 5 Total
    Blast with Chain
    Torrential Tribute
    Call Of The Haunted
    Spell Shield Type-8
    Ultimae offering

  2. This is an advanced deck
  3. Ok, do you want to make a Regular Warrior deck, Silent Swordsman Deck, or a Gearfied deck. Come up with an answer with that then I'll respond to it what ever you choose as you're deck.
  4. I have a warrior rush. The point behind this deck is to destroy ur oppent very fast and that is why it is called warrior ruhs
  5. Yeah i can see that the point is to swarm, I would say just use these over the other...

    SS lv 5
    A forces
  6. Well, it seems that you're trying to fit one to many themes into on deck and its slowly it down that way.

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