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Just wanted to share an experience today. I went into my mail sent folder to check for an old eBay email and found I've been selling things. From thinner thighs to lower mortgages and everything in between! There had to have been at least 300 of them sent from this one screen name to people on yahoo....well the ones I looked at all went to yahoo addresses. Wasn't about to check all 300+ of them! They started about the 29th and the last one was sent yesterday afternoon!

Checked other SN's and all was fine there. Changed passwords and now am running virus scan etc. I have firewall, virus, spyware blocker and all that good stuff but something still snuck in.

I was lucky that I happen to have checked my sent folder....something I don't do that often. Hopefully one of the programs running right now will catch something or the password change works and this can be taken care of.

So just a warning....check your sent folder. You never know what you might be selling!

Hope all of your sent boxes are free and clear of spam sent!


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I guess I don't understand your question? The part about stored on my computer thingy? This was on (your favorite :D ) my regular ol AOL account.


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Ahh. I was just wondering if your email is saved to your computer. Most likely it is stored on AOL's server, and accessed through your computer. You are safe then.

If your mail program was on your computer then you would have a whole new world of things to check if somebody was sending mail from your physical computer. That's good though.

Change your password and you should be fine. Run some virus checks too though, and adware checks. If there is a keystroke recroder on your computer then somebody is recording your keys pressed... and they could still get your new password. I would also suggest changing all of your passwords for services that you use online, just to be safe.


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Yeah I did all of that except the services stuff. Everything came back clean? Yikes they better not be doing the keystrokes thingy! I shop a lot online plus do all my banking and stuff. Think I've written one check in the last 6 months. So far so good today so hoping somehow my password was just taken on the one screen name. (I have 6 and they were all fine.....so far) This was the SN I use for just about everything and one I've had for about 10 yrs so really don't want to get rid of it!


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Nanner, did you ever get this problem worked out??


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Yup.....changed password on my account and so far so good. I'm no longer selling all that great money making stuff. Still waiting for my check to arrive.........