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PC Games Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War



Does anyone besides me have this game here? It is quite possibly the best RTS game ever released, most definitely the best in recent history.
In the war-torn future the Imperium of Man is holding desperately to their now near shattered Empire, which spans millions of stars and planets. The Emperor sits immobile on his Golden Throne on Terra, watching his creation struggle to keep afloat in the sea of turmoil. Beset from without by aliens and traitors, attacked from within by subversives mutants and heretics, the Imperium wages a neverending battle against their enemies. It is the 41st millenium - And there is only war.

They just released the expansion called Winter Assault where they added a new playable race - The Imperial Guard, they play well, and fit right in with the other four races. Each one is different and unique and plays very differently from the others

- Space Marines are genetically enhanced super humans, each is a hero of hundreds of battles, they wear the finest armor and use the best weapons in all of the Imperium but for all their strengths they are severely limited in numbers. Not everyone can undergo the process of becoming a Marine and so it is up to each individual group of Marines - Called Chapters to recruit new members. They are the elite of the human race, the epitome of what we could become. In game terms they are fairly well rounded, being able to soak up a fair amount of fire and dish it out in return. Vehicles include walkers like Dreadnoughts and tanks such as the Predator
Ultimate unit: The Landraider tank

- Imperial Guard form the bulk of the Imperium's defences. Without the Guard humanity would be doomed. Drawn from the countless worlds of the Imperium the Imperial Guard is an inexhaustible army which uses attrition to win battles, countless feet and tank treads reduce a battlefield to ruin as the enemy is crushed under the bombardment from tanks and/or the relentless onslought that only the Imperial Guard can bring to bear through numbers. Each Guardsman is simply a man like you and I, as such they are not the bravest nor most skilled, therefore there exists ranks to keep them in line, such as the Commissar; a fanatical adherent to the Imperial Creed, who despises cowardice and instills fear in the common Guardsman. Of all the armies of Dawn of War the Imperial Guard can field the most vehicles in the game. The common strategy is to shield your armor with the cheap, near never ending waves of Guardsman until your enemy is battered to pieces.
Ultimate unit: The Baneblade tank

- Chaos is the archenemy of all life in the universe. In the distant past the Emperor made for himself 20 superbeings, called Primarchs, each one would command a Legion of Space Marines into battle. During humanities conquest of the universe his most trusted Primarch, a man named Horus came under the power of the Gods of Chaos. Horus took with him a full 9 other Legions and their Primarchs with him to damnation. Though they were ultimately thwarted many survived and continue their unceasing war agains the Imperium. These Gods represent nearly every negative human emotion and give said emotions physical form. They are fed by hate and anger and lust and jealousy and even art and music in excess can lead to the Chaos Gods. It is easy to unwittingly fall into their subtle claws and the Imperium tries hard to warn agains the dangers of Chaos for it is the bane of all life. In game terms you take control of one of the Space Marine Legions that turned traitor. As such they fight a lot like the normal Space Marines, though since they are no longer part of the Imperium they lack the incredible morale and steadfastness of their loyal brothers. They prefer close combat as well and can summon daemons to their aid.
Ultimate unit: Bloodthirster, Greater Daemon of Khorne

- The Eldar are an aloof and near mystical race of aliens who have existed through time immemorial. When the human race was first crawling on it's belly out of the primordial oceans the Eldar commanded an Empire which spanned countless millions of stars, utterly dwarfing the current Imperium of Man in both scope and scale. For reasons they do not divulge easily (if indeed they say anything easily or straightforward) their Empire was shattered and in it's death throes a bleeding wound in open space, now known as the Eye of Terror came into being. The Eldar, despite being the destitutes of the universe are a fearsome opponent on the battlefield; their advanced technology beyond anything that humanity can hope to ever create. The Eldar are masters of magic and psychic talent, and have undoubtedly the best Psykers in the universe, able to flay a man's mind or cause a storm or an earthquake with a thought. Their vehicles are sophisticated anti grav vehicles which gracefully skim across the ground using speed as opposed to armor to avoid damage, and get in range to destroy the foe. In game terms the Eldar do not have the armor that Space Marines have and as such must choose where to fight the enemy on their own terms. They can lay down some of the most devastating fire in the game and have several specialized units for dispatching select foes. The Eldar are the fastest race in the game, capable of deploying near anywhere they want through the use of Warpgates and reaching nearly anywhere on the battlefield quickly.
Ultimate unit: The Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine

- The Orks are a brutal race of savage aliens who love nothing more then a good fight. They reproduce through spores in the air like a fungus and as such it is nearly impossible to remove them all from a planet that they have landed on. It is also for this reason that they have spread to nearly every corner of the universe, becoming the most populous creatures there are. Fortunately it is their brutal nature that keeps them in check, for they fight themselves if they can't find a good foe and they seldom unite into groups. When they do unite into large armies called WAAAAAAGHS their might is nearly unstoppable as they desend on a planet in a terrible green fury. The most famous Ork WAAAAGH in existence was probably the army of the warlord Gazghskull Mag Uruk Thraka and his wars on the planet of Armageddon. In game terms the Orks fight like the Imperial Guard in that their numbers are substantial but they have far more powerful leader units and more specialized units for dealing with tanks and infantry.
Ultimate unit: The Squiggoth

Like I said it is one of my favorite games for my computer and if you are even remotely interested in RTS games then this one is worth a look.


It's an awesome game, and it also has an awesome expansion. :D


I've got both this and the expansion. Space Marines are FTW.


I have this game. it rocks ass. I don't know about the best RTS ever. In my heart, Star Wars Battlegrounds holds that spot. I wasted an entire summer playing that game. I remember doing like 6 -7 hour shifts and the only reason I would move is if I was about to pass out from hunger or if I had to go to the bathroom (like on the verge of wetting myself). But anyway, Chaos Marines FTW!!


I've got this and the expansion. I didn't like the expansion as much as the original game, but I like the idea of "requisition" as opposed to resources. Terminators FTW!