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PC Games WarCraft or StarCraft?


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So, aside from the fact that StarCraft has never had a sequal (SC2 is on the way though), if both games were equal in graphics and coding, which style do you prefer, medieval or space/sci-fi?

I'd go with medieval myself. I'll still play StarCraft 2 when it comes out though. I also like space themed games.

Out of the two I do think that StarCraft 2 will be better than WarCraft 3 when it comes to gameplay mainly because it will be almost 6 years newer. I can't believe WarCraft 3 is already so old. It came out in 2002 believe it or not.


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Warcraft games seem to always be much more popular than Starcraft but there hasn't been a new Starcraft game for over 10 years so it's likely that it will be very good with the way that Blizzard makes the games.


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StarCraft, probably, I like the spacey theme better.


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Both are fun. I prefer Warcraft, but really only because of its graphics. If we were to say that both were equal I would have to go with Starcraft. I used to be a "master" of Starcraft. I'm looking forward to Starcraft2.


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i like starcraft but warcraft is better to me


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I enjoyed Starcraft more. I never really liked the Orcs in Warcraft. The medieval theme is fine, but I just didn't enjoy the conflict between the races. Starcraft interested me more in that aspect. I also liked the idea that the buildings could be moved, rather than being fixed as in every other strategy game.


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Since when has WC ever been more popular than SC?

With a constant of like thousands of SC games going on 24/7 since 1998? I think it is the most played game ever...

The campaign editor really adds infinite re playability to the game and the gaming community are quite intuitive in making new ways of socializing and competing.


Ess Tii Eph Yu
I'm definetly going to have to side with StarCraft on this one. I like space more than medieval times. Though this answer is based on a ten year bias of playing StarCraft with my friends. >.>


New Member
Warcraft all the way for me, never really got into starcraft, i prefer the style that warcraft has.