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PC Games Warcraft III


l 7SIN Sasori l
Yes I prefer Undead as well. Although, give me orcs and I shall mess some people up. Just using their towers xD.

Humans don't have much going for them really...I don't enjoy playing with them. Undead just seems to be a fav. because you can mass attack so easily.


I play DotA and other "mod" maps on WarCraft III and I play The Frozen Throne a lot as well. My s/n is Xen-Cuts if anybody is on battle.net and wants to play. If I'm on, I'll probably be willing to play.


Warcraft III? Yeah Ive played it and finished all the campaigns, but still playing it for some reason anyway well if you asked me Undead is the best race I mean, they have powerful units, you can summon buildings without the builder (Acolytes) there also their base and defense structure suits well. The only thing disadvantage of them is they have few units unlike human and elves who have lots of units but arent very powerful...


I still play this game from time to time. Usually what I play now is mostly FFA if I can find a game, and if I can't I just resort to custom games (usually ToB, some WMW, or any type of TD).

In FFA, I play random, but my favorite is Human. Tanks are awesome. Especially when you teleport from one expo to another, it makes for a really fun time.


I was so excited about Warcraft III when it came out, but I was sorely dissapointed with it. It had very poor implementation of the hero classes, and alot of new RTS have followed that model and no one has really been able to implement them very good yet.