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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Sephiroth_Masamune, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Sephiroth_Masamune

    Sephiroth_Masamune l 7SIN Sasori l

    Anyone still play this or Frozen Throne? I have had mine for over a year since last X-mas and my computer hasn't been good enough to play it. It was always something with my video card and programming.

    Anyway, I have recently gotten very into this game and I wish to find others who enjoy it and can maybe teach me a thing or 2 about online play. I haven't yet played online so I don't have a name or anything on there, but I have only been playing Campaign. I will get better as I play, but I had to get used to the diffrent races.

    Tips or anything about any of the diffrent races would be good. LMK thanks.

  2. I never have played this for some reason, I use to love the original WarCraft, and the second one, both were awesome, and very fun to play. They made a WarCraft III so ya think another StarCraft would come out.
  3. Sephiroth_Masamune

    Sephiroth_Masamune l 7SIN Sasori l

    I am still hoping Blizzard might get some nuts to make one. Piccolo, do you STILL have Wacraft 1 + 2? If so, would you trade em?
  4. I dont know if I have them in my apartment, they may be around here some where, I think I have the original WarCraft II some where in one of DVD/game drawers. Trade them for?
  5. Sephiroth_Masamune

    Sephiroth_Masamune l 7SIN Sasori l

    I dunno anything you are looking for in partiular? Maybe I could buy if nhothing comes to your mind.
  6. Haha, I'd have to think if there is something I want.
  7. SuiGeneris

    SuiGeneris blue 3

    I play WC3. Can't say I'm much of a fan of it though. Games like Red Alert and Starcraft spoiled me. That and games like Age of Empires. To be honets I think WC is one of the lesser RTS's out there, but thats just my opinion.
  8. I loved Red Alert, boy does that bring back memories.
  9. Laharl ex

    Laharl ex Guest

    I loved this game at PC cafes. I only use to play with undead and I was great, too. I'll start playing again, that I'm sure of.
  10. SuiGeneris

    SuiGeneris blue 3

    The Undead are the easiest to play with, in my opinion, I love them. They are ridiculouse.

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