PC Games Warcraft 4 Wish List!


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Alright, so maybe the exclamation point was a little overboard considering that Warcraft 4 isn't much more than rumors right now... BUT, what would you like to see in WC4? I'm sure it will be made eventually.

I didn't play 3 much but in 4 I'd like to see the ability to have underground bases as well as above ground. It would be pretty cool to have to find the entrance, or perhaps dig into somebody else's "bunker" part of their base.

I'd also like to have the option to rotate the camera a full 360 degrees instead of just on a grid.

It would also be cool if fires spread instead of just being animations. Maybe some more water levels with the ability to build floating bases as well.

Just brainstorming a bit. Who else likes the Warcraft series here and what do you want to see in Warcraft 4 if it is made?


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I love warcraft, but refuse to play world of Warcraft.

Warcraft 3 was great!

They left the campaign at the end of warcraft 3 kind of hanging though a little bit, they should make a fourth game, I would most definitely buy it.

I woudl like to see random character movement (so that all of the characters move differently to make it seem more real) and thousands of different lines so it doesn't get annoying to hear the same lines over again, I remember how annoying it got sometimes.

Maybe the mouths will even move correctly with what they are saying, heh, that would be really cool.

Warcraft 4 should be made, I would most definitely like it.


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I would love it if Bliozzard made a WarCraft 4 because the third one was one of my favorite games of all time; I still play the second one alot. If Blizzard is making a fourth one it wouldn't be started yet because they are still working on StarCraft two which is supposed to be released sometime this year.

Star craft two is also going to be sweet. It is being released 10 years after the original came out.


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if they made Warcraft 4 it would need to follow the plot of warcraft 3 because it had a decent plot considering that it was a game.

I'd probably get it on release date just because i love this game so much.


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I think it would be pretty kick-ass if you had an option of something like an FPS mode and "be" your peon or whatever and go about doing things in first person, including fighting. Something like a fusion of WoW's gameplay, except, you know, in first-person. I think I'm repeating myself.