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Want to know what works best for you


Registered Member
What works best for you ??

7 day auction or a 10 day auction?

Also have you found that there is a day of the week or time that works best for ending?


Registered Member
I've heard that the best time to start an auction is thursday evening...run a 3 day and you get the whole weekend..so it ends on sunday night (when is when most ppl are suposed to be on ebay)...or start it on thursday and run a 10 day so you get both weekends....I haven't done it this way yet, but it makes sense...just depends on what you are selling...If it is a buy it now..it doesn't matter that much...maybe with a seven day start it sunday afternoon or evening so it will end on a sunday....this is just stuff i've heard and read..haven't tested it